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Törggelen time mainly takes place from mid-September to the end of November.
But what is Törggelen? Keep scrolling...

Did you already know?

The term "Törggelen" comes from "Torggl", a wine press. The term goes back to the Latin torculus (the press, winepress).

The "Törggelen" tradition is a kind of celebrating harvest. When it was brought in, when the wine was in the barrels and the bacon and sausages were under the roof, a lavish party was celebrated on the farm and every farm worker was allowed to celebrate.

Brandiskeller im Herbst

Now more precisely.
This is Törggelen

Every year, from the end of September to mid-November, the traditional "Törggelen" takes place in our restaurant, where of course the "Suser" (fermented grape must / sweet wine) and daily freshly roasted chestnuts, as well as sauerkraut, smoked meat and traditional Tyrolean bacon dumplings are a must.


There's no better place than an original wine cellar for Törggelen, don't you agree?

Then it's time to stop by and experience this unique atmosphere for yourself.

At this time of year we recommend you to reserve early enough, as we fill up very quickly.

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