Smoked sausage with bread
Speck board (cured ham)
Assortment of local cheeses
Mixed cold platter (ham, cheese, salami)
Boiled potatoes with gorgonzola cheese and butter
Tyrolean cheese with onions
Smoked trout with boiled potatoes
Sour calves head with onion
Sour boiled beef with onion
Carpaccio of salted meat on salad with parmesan shavings 
2 bacon dumplings with Cabbage  salad with Speck (cured ham)
Grilled goats cheese on salad 
2 bacon dumplings in broth
1 bacon dumpling in broth
Consomè with semolina dumplings
Homemade half moon shaped pasta with parmesan cheese and melted butter
Shepherd's macaroni served in a pot
Penne in a tomato-basil sauce with buffalo mozzarella
Potato Salad
Green salad with Speck (cured ham) 
Mixed salad
Tomato salad with onion 
Cabbage  salad with Speck (cured ham)
Spare ribs  with cabbage salad or potato salad
Grilled chicken wings with potato wedges
Gröstel with cabbage salad and speck (cured ham)
Smoked sausage with sauerkraut and dumplings
Pork and ale stew
Homemade Krapfen (doughnuts) (3 pieces)
Warm fruit of the forest with vanilla ice cream
Apricot dumplings with vanilla ice cream
Children`s Menu
Frankfurter  with or without potato wedges
Macaroni  with tomato sauce
Chicken nuggets with potato wedges
Potato wedges 

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